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Early Learning & Child Development

The Early Learning & Child Development Network is a collaboration of local community agencies working together to provide easily accessible information and services to families with young children.

Services for Children 0-6

Winners Program

Winners is a parent engagement program that offers a recreational component and literacy-based opportunities to students and their families on a time-limited basis in their home schools. A weekly, two-hour program provides a venue for parents and their children to spend time playing and learning together while they become more comfortable in their community school setting. Family support agencies include: OEYC, health unit, Northumberland Child Development Centre and other agencies on an as-needed basis. The anticipated outcomes include:
  • Increased parent participation and visits to school
  • Increased comfort level in parents' communication with principals and other school staff
  • Parent engagement in their child's activities and assessment of programs and abilities - or areas requiring intervention and agency-referral opportunities
  • Improved socialization and community-building
  • Exposure to strategies that strengthen literacy skills and academic success
  • Sharing of a nutritious meal
  • Principal awareness of familial dynamics
  • Inclusivity
To date, Winners has been held at the following schools or neighbourhoods of schools, all recording participation satisfaction rates over 90%:
  • Colborne Public School
  • Roseneath Pulbic School
  • Plainville Public School
  • Hillcrest PS and St. Mary's Catholic school in Campbellford
  • Grafton PS and St. Mary's Catholic School in Grafton
  • CR Gummow PS in Cobourg
  • St Joseph's Catholic School in Cobourg
Subcommittees of the Early Learning & Child Development Network :
1. Seamless Day Committee
  • Strengthening communication and planning between early learning and care providers and JK/SK teachers.
  • Increasing teacher awareness of the role Early Childhood Educators play in preparing children for school
  • Examining ways to align ECE programming with JK/SK curriculum
  • Minimizing transitions in a child's day.
2. Rotating Hub Services (Winners) 3. Principal Awareness Committee:
  • Provide an overview of the Early Learning & Child Development initiative, local achievements and plans to senior educators/administrators
  • Outline the application process for principals to access Winners within their own schools
4. Communications:
  • Raise awareness and understanding of local Early Learning & Child Development initiatives including future development plans, progress and performance.
  • Identify strategic priorities annually.
  • Increase parent engagement in their child's development, using evidence-based research and multiple communications vehicles (newsletters, parenting guide, parent focus groups, events, media and website, etc.)